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A fine wool jumper in a smart fit that is both warm and sleek.                                      The uneven ribbed knit of the Noor pullover gives it a slightly more substantial silhouette, while its soft fine wool makes it comfortable as our other fine knits.  Noor is a irregular ribbed knit pullover . Gender neutral design that is incredibly warm and comfortable for all.



Our model is 1,93 cm and he’s wearing a size S-M.
Our knits are assembled in such a way to accommodate and move with the flow of your body. We kept in mind your feelings and wanted to envision our oversized sweaters like a warm hug. They perfectly go with our fitted pieces so you can easily layer them up.
Putting aside sizes and measurements, we advise you to reflect on the experience and feeling you seek.

OS (One Size) garments are specially for those who like immense silhouette and like to put one layer on top of another.

Other pieces, sized S - XL, is more “true to size.”