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A wool long sleeve that uses fibers designed to feel like a part of you. Using an ancient Japanese dyeing technique that involves folding, twisting or bunching fabric then dyeing it in Indigo, creates patterns that will remind you of a landscape painting.

Aosta is hand-made and hand-dyed using the Shibori technique. Made of Merino wool, every garment is unique, making each garment both knitwear quality and knitwear artistry.



Our model is 1,77 cm and she’s wearing a size XS-S .
SHOWN WITH: Peebu skirt in dark blue

Our knits are assembled in such a way to accommodate and move with the flow of your body. We kept in mind your feelings and wanted to envision our oversized sweaters like a warm hug. They perfectly go with our fitted pieces so you can easily layer them up.
Putting aside sizes and measurements, we advise you to reflect on the experience and feeling you seek.

OS (One Size) garments are specially for those who like immense silhouette and like to put one layer on top of another.

Other pieces, sized S - XL, is more “true to size.”