“The people who wear my clothes are my greatest inspiration.”- BAIBA RIPA

The Baiba Ripa brand was born in 2008 from the desire to fulfill the needs of those who want to make sustainable choices without compromising on quality, comfort, and garment design.

Baiba Ripa garments are the embodiment of the savoir-faire of the Baltic with a gentle, minimal touch. Whether one of our more experimental forms or one of the traditional pieces, they are all examples of excellent craftsmanship.

Our knits can be experienced as cocoons, nests, or wings. They are for the body and soul; they are for men and women. They are for those who want to experience serenity in an increasingly intense world. There is nothing more intimate than a piece of clothing. Baiba Ripa's creations exist without seasons, rules, and fixed formulas that allow you to express yourself anywhere, at any time.