Our origins are deeply rooted in the long-standing traditions of the Baltic craft of knitting. 


The philosophy of BAIBA RIPA is to consider each piece of knitwear as a holistically-emerging protective cocoon, in which our busy clients find peace and serenity from the ever-increasing stress and intensity of the modern world. 


BAIBA RIPA offers a superior alternative to mass-produced and mass-consumed clothing by listening and responding to the high demands of confident men and women, who seek with their choice of clothing to express their true self with genuine independence and style.  Made with the classic minimalism and savoir-faire of the Baltic, BAIBA RIPA proudly delivers to our clients an elegant combination of profound research, experimental forms, and traditional craftsmanship. 


Our Motto: no seasons, no rules, no fixed formula!  BAIBA RIPA represents a myriad of ways of enjoying elegance and comfort, thereby enveloping the body in the sophisticated cocoon of sculptured tenderness.


Through her inspiration, Designer Baiba Ripa shares her decade of fashion success while continuously seeking new designs and better ways to deliver elegant fashion for her clients.


What others say about us?

“Timeless lines, calming colours and stylistic versatility are the words best describing Riga-based knitwear label Baiba Ripa.”


“Exploring the dialogue between body and volume with unconventional shapes and experimental knitting techniques, Baiba Ripa’s sophisticated knitwear becomes alive once put on. The avant-garde knits offer comfort, protection and liberation, featuring chunky structures of mohair, cashmere and wool, silky fluid and featherlight layers as well as whimsical details and sculptural silhouettes. The artistic statement pieces made from a fusion of Northern European traditional know-how and forward-thinking research are created to soothe the thirst of self-assured feminine minds for a responsible and elegant alternative to contemporary clothing lines.”