Baiba Ripa comes from The Baltic region of Northern Europe, a place with a
longstanding tradition of craftsmanship and knitting – Latvia. Here sustainability and
conscious living have been a way of life for ages. Today heritage is being reborn in
new contemporary aesthetics as a bridge between past and future.

Baiba Ripa, formed in 2008, was born of a desire to offer something other than
“fashion.” An attitude, a lifestyle, garments for people who view the world in a distinct
way. People who actively choose the objects in their lives, with attention to their
origin, their quality, and the statement they make.

Baiba Ripa knits can be cocoons, nests, or wings, whatever it is you want to feel and
express, for body and soul, for women and men. There is nothing more intimate than
a piece of clothing. Call it endless dialogue between human and world.


Baiba Ripa is about what you want to feel. Who says a smaller person can’t wear an
oversized sweater, like a big, warm hug? Who says you can’t layer smaller pieces
over larger ones? Don’t ask yourself what size you are, ask yourself what you want
to experience and feel wearing one of our pieces. The garments that are marked OS
(One Size), tend to be big. They are meant for those who like a larger silhouette, and
also for those who, like us, love to layer. Other pieces, sized S -XL, are more “true to
size.” Just remember, our knits are meant to flow, and every piece flows differently.
Our garments are made to accommodate and move with your body.

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